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Best Adventures Activities In Rishikesh

Rishikesh is the very famous city for an adventures tours. it offers all tourists and all people enjoy the beauty and test your adventures skill. it is also known as the city of adventure. every year in Rishikesh thousand of tourist come here and enjoy the different types of adventures activities. It is surrounded by a beautiful environment, valleys, very rapid river maa gange, and various ancient temples.  various famous celebrities also come here for taste the magic of spiritual and adventures environment.

Here is the list of some beautiful adventures in Rishikesh are also follows:

River Rafting 

River Rafting is the most popular adventure in rishi kesh. every year thousand of visitors attracts towards river rafting in rishi kesh. rishi kesh offers a miraculous moment to raft down the river gange. rishi kesh offers many tourists for river rafting during September to June because this period river gange is flowing very fast.  during rafting, you enjoy the beauty of nature, and freshness of weather. river gange is perfect for river rafting.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping is another most popular activities in rishi kesh. cliff jumping is an activity where tourists need physically strong because it involves bounding from a high cliff and the tourist also select the height of cliff according to their convenience. bounding from a high cliff and take dive in a chilled river gange water it is the best moment that you remember a lifetime. cliff jumping is an activity in which your heart is pumping very fast.


Kayaking is the best water sports activity. kayaking has different types are as white water kayaking, sea kayaking and surf kayaking. a number of opportunities are found in rishi kesh for kayakers. The adventure of kayaking is increase when done with white water kayaking. white water kayaking is perfect for kayaking. some necessary things that you need during kayaking areas kayak boat, life jacket, helmet, paddle etc.


camping is also an another type of adventurous sports. camping is best for enjoying the beauty of nature and freshness of flowing the wind and river gange. every year many tourists come here and stay in a camp for enjoying the emerald beauty of rishi kesh valley. any people who want to enjoy the rishi kesh Valley can stay here.camping is an activity where anyone individual can stay here without any age restriction.

Waterfall Trekking


If you want to enjoy with your partner or your dear one’s  among nature surrounding so, let’s get ready to enjoy the waterfall trekking in Rishikesh. water fall trekking is very beautiful and best to get relaxed and enjoyed the natural beauty.


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if you came in Rishikesh to enjoy the adventures activities so guy’s don’t forget to take the thrilling adventurous activities called rappelling. you can enjoy this activity under the guidance of security team.various types of equipment such as gloves, harness, slings, ropes, and helmet that you need for rappelling will be provided by the rappelling team.




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Rishikesh is a very famous place for yoga. in Rishikesh has many yoga centers and ashram for his saint and other visitors.